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I first met Lika 7 years ago when I wanted to land a role in private equity. She met me for coffee when no other recruiter would give me the time of day.

Lika no nonsense told me I was completely irrelevant for the industry and outlined what experience I needed.  

Over the years she had coached me through interview processes, helped edit my CV and acted as my mentor at every step of the way. She really believed in me.

Now I am working in an established private equity fund. I would not be where I am today if not for her.

I cannot speak highly enough of Lika and recommend her to everyone I meet.
I am pleased to recommend working with Anna. In cooperation with her, you get to know her as a professional - with a perfect knowledge about the client and the business. She was always very helpful, fully engaged in her job, feedback was on time... everything was prepared quickly and conducted with a positive attitude - exactly the way I like.

Anna thank you! Working with you was a pleasure.
As a candidate to the Investment Team, I was delighted with the engagement and targeted approach of First Point Partners in the recruitment process.

It was evident that FPP devoted time to learning the roles they were recruiting for. They not only understood the business of private equity, but also knew the specific approach of their client.
Lika is unlike other recruiters in that she took the time to really understand what I wanted from my career in the medium and long term.

She looks beyond what is written down on a CV and tries to understand you holistically and then looks to provide insightful and objective guidance which I found very beneficial.
More than a search firm, First Point Partners are a trusted career advisor for professionals in the Private Equity Industry.

Beyond their strong pipeline of opportunities, they invest the time to find the perfect fit for a candidate based not purely on experience but taking also personal fit and preferences into consideration.

I can trust that they understand my expectations and always reach out with spot-on opportunities.
Thanks to Anna’s commitment and guidance I have found a position best suited for my needs and capabilities and successfully advance my career. I received an in-depth overview of the private equity industry and available positions in Warsaw, as well as pro tips and insight into the recruitment process.

With the help of First Point Partners, my job transition went seamlessly and I was able to maximize my chances.
Really appreciated Lika's advice and the time she took to go through my options with me.

Now I am no longer a candidate, we continue working together but from the client side. I have experienced first hand the care and genuine approach Lika takes to the recruitment process and could not think of anyone more trustworthy to help me build out my team!
I'm writing to express my appreciation for the recruitment process. Martyna presented the necessary information to me and answered all of my questions.

Throughout the recruitment process, the FPP team was very supportive and helpful in facilitating communication between the hiring company and me.

Thank you!
First Point Partners understood what we needed and presented us with very strong candidates straight away. Thanks to their transparent and detailed communication, we were able to run a smooth and efficient hiring process.
at Real Estate Focused Investment Fund
I was assisted by Lika on understanding where my strengths and niche was within the private equity fundraising space.  

We spent a few sessions strategising a move from the consulting world to Private Equity and with the assistance of Lika and her network, I was able to speak and discuss the move with peers to truly understand the role and responsibilities.

I want to thank Lika for all your support and guidance it assisting me finding my true potential!
Anna contacted me about 1.5 years ago with the first job offer - but at the time I was not interested in changing positions. However, she promised that if she found something more interesting, she would come back.

A year later, she called me again with a new offer - M&A Manager position at a smaller PE-backed company. I was not 100% sure at first, but she patiently listened to my concerns and frankly discussed the pros and cons of changing roles with me. At the moment I am 6 months after the change and I am convinced that it was a good choice.

Anna is open-minded, listens carefully, and thinks about what is best for the candidate and his/her future career. She certainly has the best job offers in the PE industry in Poland. It is worth having her number in your phone.
Lika was one of the few individuals who helped me in a profound manner on my professional journey. I was recommended to speak with her by a contact just as I started to explore my options.

She took the time to talk with me on the phone, meeting me for coffee to go through my CV and introduced me to relevant people in the industry to help me network.

She provided valuable advice -it meant a great deal to me!
I met Anna during a selection process she was managing, her professionalism, passion and curiosity got me inspired.

She's a rising star in her field. Definitely someone to keep an eye on.

If you have any opportunity to cooperate with her, don't hesitate.
The recruiters at First Point Partners reached out to me with an opportunity that was perfectly suited both to my experience and to my professional aspirations. We promptly scheduled a preliminary interview, during which they presented the role and forthcoming recruitment process in great detail.

They advised me on how to best prepare for the next steps and stayed in touch throughout the entire process, gathering valuable feedback along the way. Throughout the process I felt the recruiter understood my profile and expectations well, and was always readily available to answer my questions. In addition, the entire process from initial contact to offer was very prompt.

My experience with FPP was overwhelmingly positive, as they were exceptionally professional, however approached my case with a personal touch rarely found in larger recruitment agencies.
Lika is excellent. A very intuitive individual who has the emotional intelligence of people twice her age in this industry.

I trust her completely to find me the best people in the market. Thank you!
at Pan European Private Equity Fund
Helpful, insightful and honest feedback. Lika was interested in my career and me as a person instead of just trying to discuss one of her roles.

Only recruiter I have spoken to that truly understood me. Thank you!
I found Lika empathetic, understanding and helpful. She did not have a live opportunity for me but did facilitate a number of useful introductions which led to me accepting an offer for an Investment Manager role.

I valued her help during what was a very difficult time for me.
Working with the First Point Partners team was a pleasure from the very first day. They acted professional and disciplined throughout the whole process.

FPP had extensive knowledge about the company and the position they were offering. They were also helpful about amending my CV.

Worth highlighting is the fact that the team keep regular contact with candidates after the recruitment process, ensuring everything is going smoothly.

I would recommend working with them.
First Point Partners came highly recommended to us. They ran a smooth, efficient process.

In the span of a few weeks I had given out offers to two candidates.

Lika had not only found me the exact person I was looking for, but presented another individual opportunistically who could really add value to our team.
at Private Equity Backed Portfolio Company
Lika was different as she started by taking the time to understand me as a professional instead of discussing her live role.

She provided useful, objective insight. I came off our call thinking everything she said to me about what motivates me, what kind of environment and role I would be looking for was spot on.

Thank you again, for taking the time to help me.
It was an absolute pleasure working with the First Point Partners team and I appreciate them thinking about me for their roles.
Anna was recommended to us by a number of people in the industry.

Fast turnaround times, constant communication and detailed presentation of each candidate.

She did not disappoint - thank you!
Country Director
at Private Equity Backed Portfolio Company
Cooperation with FPP was very seamless.They accompanied me on every step on the interview process from first interview to negotiation of the final offer.

Always available and eager to help. I highly recommend cooperation with them!
There are not enough words to express my gratitude for all the career guidance, sincere encouragement, and dedication I have received from Lika and her team.

They have gone above and beyond to ensure the success of my job application, spending countless hours over the phone, offering guidance and support at every step of the process. It is quite rare that one meets someone with so much empathy, dedication, and intelligence, yet to have all of these qualities in your recruiter is a definite recipe for success.

It is with all my sincerity that I recommend Lika and her team to everyone I know, and will continue to do so for many years to come. A heartfelt thank you!
The combination of industry knowledge and sincere interest in my career made it the first such professional recruitment in which I have participated.

I am glad that FPP found me at the right time, despite the non-obvious professional profile.
The support that Anna has provided since we started working together is second to none.

She has made multiple, crucial hires for our company and will be our go to for all future recruitment needs.
at Private Equity Backed Portfolio Company
I was recommended to speak with Lika and now I understand why! Thank you so much for your time and advice on a whole number of areas. I only wish I had spoken to you earlier in my career.

Despite knowing me for one hour everything she said about the type of work I would most enjoy was scarily accurate.

I value her insight as it helped me move forwards in my career with more assurance.
First Point Partners are my go-to for reviewing available talent pool for investment professional roles at the fund level or M&A roles at portfolio companies.

They invest time to learn your business, understand your needs, and build a trusting relationship so there is an effective recruitment process that achieves the successful result.

Additionally, their engagement does not end after formal hiring and onboarding.
at CEE Focused Private Equity Fund
I met Anna a few years before she recruited me, at a career event in London. I was pleasantly surprised that she stayed in touch and kept me in mind until the ideal job offer appeared.  Anna helped me at every stage of the recruitment process. She made sure I was thoroughly prepared for each interview and gave me useful insights on the team and culture I was about to join.

She was professional, discrete and made sure to get the job done. Most importantly she was mindful that the new job was a big change in my life.
Lika really 'gets' us. She presents strong candidates quickly when we are running a process and even keeps us updated on market dynamics when we are not hiring.

She openly shares her network and has broached introductions with other members of the investment community to help us become more established in a region we previously had no presence in.

She is not your typical recruiter.
at Global Private Equity Fund
Although I was not successful in getting the role, I felt incredibly supported by the FPP team. They made time to speak with me (even late into the night) and genuinely cared about my long term career.

I would be more than happy to continue working with them if new opportunities arise.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Lika for the good part of 5 years, firstly having crossed paths as a colleague and shortly thereafter as my recruitment consultant.

I cannot speak highly enough of her professionalism, dynamism, and sheer passion she has for her job and helping her candidates land their dream job.

Going above and beyond truly is her mantra.
First Point Partners, one of the very few private equity recruitment firms that truly get it.
We know that whenever First Point Partners sends us a CV, we will want to speak with the candidate.

They have a detailed and thoughtful approach to market which has proved instrumental to helping build out our office.
HR Head
at Global Private Equity Fund
Big thank you for our discussion. Lika met me outside of work hours for a coffee to help me think through my career options.

Our conversation was deeply insightful and helped me a lot. I hope to work with her again in the future!
Anna presented an analytical and detailed approach to candidate sourcing. We were able to see lots of candidates in different companies that were outside of our immediate network and helped to make a decision out of a larger talent pool than we have expected.
at Mid-Market Private Equity Fund
I was at crossroads in my career when I was recommended to speak with Lika. Truthfully I didn't know what I wanted to do next.

Lika spent hours on the phone with me - not to pitch me her roles but instead to understand what motivates me and what I wanted from my career. She was non judgemental and insightful, challenging my opinions when necessary and pushing me to succeed when I doubted myself.

Coming off calls with her I always felt more motivated and was finally able to land the perfect role.

Thank you for believing in me and seeing my potential.
Anna has an outstanding attitude and great people skills. She is very enthusiastic, energetic and fully engaged in her job. She works hard, is very focused, determined and does not give up easily. She is a trustworthy and loyal person.

Working with her is a pure pleasure.
Lika is extremely thoughtful and really understands the pain of CEOs.

She has a great network and works hard until she delivers.

Excellent work from Anna and Lika.

We are lucky to have found you both and look forward to future cooperation!
Managing Director
at Growth Fund
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