Case Study

Portfolio Executive

Director at Enterprise Technology Solutions Provider (Portfolio Company of PE investor with ~$150bn AUM)


An enterprise technology solutions provider with a global presence was looking for a Director to drive growth in a specific region.

The ideal candidate needed a background in business development and a proven track record of successfully closing deals. The position was to report to the CEO of the Group.


1 july 2020

First Point Partners is appointed as an exclusive recruitment advisor to
the Client.

2-7 july 2020

First Point Partners team extensively researched and mapped out the market of potential candidates.  

8-25 july 2020

Conducted screening interviews with the available candidate pool. Developed a shortlist of 10 candidates with the required experience and network in desired sectors.

1- 21 august 2020

Client selected 5 candidates to interview from the recommended shortlist.


On the 28th August 2020, the Client made two offers to candidates presented by First Point Partners. One offer was given to a candidate for the original position advertised. A second offer was given to a candidate who came from a different background but nonetheless had strong value to add to the organisation overall.

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