A major global asset management company had successfully hired mid-level management for one of their international offices. However, the team lacked robust senior leadership to provide guidance and set an example. They engaged First Point Partners to conduct extensive market research and spearhead the executive search for a hands-on, operationally-focused CFO to join the local branch.


To begin, First Point Partners organized a comprehensive workshop with the company's executives. The aim was to understand their vision from both an organizational and cultural change perspective.

From this, they crafted an "ideal candidate" profile, incorporating all essential requirements. The First Point Partners team then carried out a two-week diagnostic market research. The findings confirmed the availability of top-tier talent spanning various financial domains, including Banking, Asset Management, Insurance, and Fintech sectors.

Once the plan was approved, First Point Partners initiated a six-week confidential recruitment project. Throughout this phase, their consultants maintained close collaboration with company representatives, sharing market insights about top senior leadership, especially those in CFO roles. The shortlist comprised six candidates, each renowned for their reputation and their history of leading diverse, independent teams across multiple business units in top-tier financial organizations.

First Point Partners also ensured the list considered the client's diversity requirements, striving for an inclusive set of candidates.


The company's board chose a formidable female CFO to helm the finance team and liaise with the global HQ. This chosen candidate boasts over 25 years of experience, exemplifying leadership and promoting cultural shifts. She has consistently prioritized productivity and inclusivity throughout her career.


March 2020

First Point Partners is appointed as an exclusive recruitment advisor to the Client.

1-15 April 2020

Developed a long list of 67 high quality candidates with long-term investment and IBD experience and complementary backgrounds in desired sectors.

15-24 April 2020

Screening video-interviews conducted by the First Point Partners team (COVID restrictions in place prevented face to face meetings).

30 April 2020

11 candidates shortlisted by the Client, including all profiles recommended by First Point Partners. Candidate interviews conducted by the Client.


1 july 2020

First Point Partners is appointed as an exclusive recruitment advisor to
the Client.

2-7 july 2020

Our team crafted the ideal executive profile via workshops with the investment team and other pivotal stakeholders.  We conducted comprehensive talent due diligence focusing on candidates who had prior experience in analogous business models facing industry challenges similar to our client.  

8-25 july 2020

~122 screening interviews were conducted. Attaining a balanced representation in diversity was paramount with our research targeting a 50-50 diversity quota. A list of secondary candidates was also compiled showcasing talent with the requisite language skills but based overseas. These contenders, would be weighted if local candidates did not meet client expectations.

1- 21 august 2020

Client interviewed several candidates from the shortlist eventually choosing a female CFO following internal interpersonal and psychometric assessment. Supported by the board and our advisory, the CFO made a smooth transition into her new role.