Following a successful fundraise our client, a European mid-market focused GP, partnered with us to devise a CFO recruitment plan and locate a credible executive to steer a post-consolidation business in Italy. The position was to oversee all new M&A activity and implement a value creation strategy.

The GP had recently acquired a premier healthcare business in Italy. Post-pandemic growth of comparable assets throughout Europe highlighted the significant potential for such ventures. Nevertheless, the role demanded exceptional expertise in PMI and business transformation, particularly introducing corporate governance.
Amplifying the intricacy was the fact that this was the initial acquisition under the fund's inaugural umbrella which was critical to its prospective performance and future fundraising endeavours.


March 2020

First Point Partners is appointed as an exclusive recruitment advisor to the Client.

1-15 April 2020

Developed a long list of 67 high quality candidates with long-term investment and IBD experience and complementary backgrounds in desired sectors.

15-24 April 2020

Screening video-interviews conducted by the First Point Partners team (COVID restrictions in place prevented face to face meetings).

30 April 2020

11 candidates shortlisted by the Client, including all profiles recommended by First Point Partners. Candidate interviews conducted by the Client.


1 july 2020

First Point Partners is appointed as an exclusive recruitment advisor to
the Client.

2-7 july 2020

Our team crafted the ideal executive profile via workshops with the investment team and other pivotal stakeholders.  We conducted comprehensive talent due diligence focusing on candidates who had prior experience in analogous business models facing industry challenges similar to our client.  

8-25 july 2020

~122 screening interviews were conducted. Attaining a balanced representation in diversity was paramount with our research targeting a 50-50 diversity quota. A list of secondary candidates was also compiled showcasing talent with the requisite language skills but based overseas. These contenders, would be weighted if local candidates did not meet client expectations.

1- 21 august 2020

Client interviewed several candidates from the shortlist eventually choosing a female CFO following internal interpersonal and psychometric assessment. Supported by the board and our advisory, the CFO made a smooth transition into her new role.


After serving as the CFO for a year, the GP promoted this outstanding candidate to Group CEO position. We continue in advising the fund on their continuous recruitment initiatives.